Toddler Classes

18mths- 3rd birthday with Parent/Carer

During school term

Thursdays 9:30-10:15

These fun classes are a joyful shared creative experience between you & your little one. Each week Lisa offers gentle guidance through fresh themes of movement and interaction with inventive room set-ups, engaging music, sensory props and each other! Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothes you can move in, because we will be doing all kinds of things!

Preschooler Classes

3-5 years

During school term

Wednesday 9:30-10:15, Thursday 10:30-11:15 & Friday 9:30-10:15

Creative Dance is non-gender specific, non-competitive & promotes confidence & self-expression through the joy of music, movement & dance. Classes integrate dynamic dance, stillness, strength & creative yoga, with the exploration of a different aesthetic theme each week. By being receptive to tones in music, use of props, themselves & each other, children develop & explore their innate individual creativity, somatic & spatial awareness- & freedom of expression.
Fabulous for skill-building in fine, motor, listening, social & play, creative dance has an emphasis on uplifting, joyful dance, while developing sensibilities & bringing inspiration & creative transformation into the day to day.
Importantly, children's classes nurture independance, with parents/ carers joining little ones in the studio space at the end of the class. 
Creative dance is not based on performance or choreography- children develop confidence & independence by practicing coming into the studio by themselves, with the support of an encouraging parent/carer, rapport with  Lisa & a favourite show & tell to cuddle as we settle around the purple blanket to begin. We invite families in to the studio for a dance & an explore at the end of the session. Families are able to watch the class &  join in with our Celebration classes held during the last week of Terms 2 & 4.

School Age Creative Dance, Movement & Yoga

Primary U8yrs Monday 4:15-5:15

Primary 8yrs+ 5:20-6:20

During school term

These dynamic classes provide ways of exploring interactive group and solo dance, drawing upon imagination & music as inspiration. Creative and expressive movement & the integration of yoga supports somatic awareness & artistic freedom. Classes also nurture the importance of relaxation and meditation- bringing balance and quiet reflection

Holiday Dance & Design Sessions 

Dance, Yoga & Art-making workshops​

Thursday 21st April

9:30-11:30 for 4-8yrs

12-2:00 for 8-13yrs

Join Lisa for our 3rd Easter inspired  'Annual most eggcellent adventure' - integrating dynamic & mindful ways of expressive movement, imagination inspired dance, high-calibre music & uniquely individual art-making. These 2hr sessions are a holiday highlight for all ages of young people!  Parents do not need to stay, no experience is needed & group sizes are limited. Bookings are essential- please reserve your place with Lisa.

Kids Yoga

School Age 5yrs+  Fridays 4:10-5:00

During school term

Lisa's yoga classes for school-age kids offer opportunities to learn yoga postures, breath techniques and meditation skills for life to help young people relax & enjoy the benefits of yoga. We even learn a little Sanskrit, the ancient language of the Indian rishis.