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by Candle Light

'Transformative, ecstatic dance

with foundations in yoga'

Led by Lisa Sommerlad, Dance Nature offers a joyful, nourishing, somatic, ecstatic dance immersion for adults, freeing us into the spaciousness & natural, heart-felt joy of the flow state.

The BodyVoice Centre is an ambient studio space in which we can gather, unwind & sink into the welcoming rhythms of breath, heartbeat, body and sound ~ immersed in the divine glow of candle-light amidst the play of shadows & gentle cover of darkness.  

With the foundational support of yoga in which we honour the wholeness of being, the play of bliss in our bodies that is sound, movement & rhythm... we awaken a remembering of our essential nature...our Dance Nature. 

Lisa will offer gentle guidance in moving, breathing & listening to begin- & from there our well-crafted playlist of sonic sweetness will carry you into your own ecstatic dance nature as you feel it. 

We close the session with deep, supine rest in sivasana, followed by a circle of chai, cookies and chats. 

Once a month Saturdays 7:30-10pm :~

Sat 6th Jan, 10th Feb, 16th Mar, 20th Apr, 25th May, 22nd June, 20 Jul, 24th Aug, 21st Sep, 19th Oct, 16th Nov & 7th Dec 2024

Bookings please! Directly through me- 

Lisa 0431590109

$22/pp or $36/bring a buddy ~Pay online or at the door. 

Have a favourite track? Requests welcome! 

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