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Appreciation from our wonderful community 

Bindu Creative Dance and Yoga is so good. My daughter has been attending since 18 months old and is now 5 and still going strong. Lisa is wonderful, the classes are unique, thoughtful and engaging and the community of parents and careers is extraordinary. Oh, and tutus are optional

- Ang

Lisa is incredible & my kids have blossomed

in her classes

- Rachel

Dancing makes me feel happy & calm

- Saskia, age 9

My daughter who is now 8 years old has attended lisa's classes for the past 5 years, and we have only ceased as we have moved to the UK. 

Lisa was the first person I felt comfortable to leave my daughter with when she was so little, and over the years she has continued to develop her connection to her body music and movement. 

Lisa uses beautiful and evocative music and designs the space to inspire the children. She also employs her skills in inviting and challenging the children to connect to themselves and the music, and unlike many, she does not underestimate what even very young children can do given the right mix of inspiration imagination and structure.

We will be forever grateful to Lisa and Bindu dance for the gift of dance music and connection to self that she facilitated with our young child.


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