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Private YOGA with Lisa - in person or virtual classes.
Please be in touch with Lisa to arrange personalized private sessions.
Single or continuing sessions for families, 1:1 & small groups, with an all inclusive, all abilities breadth are possible.
Yoga classes are designed to meet your specific needs, including pre-natal yoga, meditation & relaxation, developing your yoga practice, mentoring sessions.
*If you receive NDIS funding (self-managed or plan-managed) private yoga sessions may be claimed- please discuss with your provider team. 

Lisa is available for bespoke incursions to your kinder, school, workplace or community space, with warm & engaging sessions in yoga, wellbeing & creative dance & movement.


C. Rathjens
University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association

Just wanted to pass on that overwhelmingly students attending these sessions reporting that they were enjoyable and relevant to their own needs. There were a lot of thank you messages, and that you helped students learn to pause and take a break – which was so important.

Pam (teacher) Middle Park Primary School

Lisa impressed with her calm, clear manner of speaking and interacting with the students

She adjusted the yoga poses and instructions for varying levels of ability, so everyone participated, including me.

She related well to the students, asked them about their experience in yoga and related the learning to their experiences eg martial arts, sport, maths.

She explained how the yoga poses and breathing activities could help them to manage anxiety and excess energy.

Students were really engaged in learning to make infinity symbols to develop flexibility when writing and using pressure points to help them relax.

The students in 34F were very keen to add some of the activities eg earlobe pressure points and the cross over activity to their brain breaks. 

The session was well paced and structured to ensure the students achieved a pose or activity and could also challenge themselves to attempt the next level

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